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Once Upon A Beach: Vijay’s Romantic Trip To Andaman

A sparkling stretch of clean blue sea as far as the eye can go. A sight to behold, isn’t it? Andaman is a paradise for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Tropical greenery, the beautiful coral reef, the exquisite marine life, and the innumerable beaches. Vijay and his wife were looking for a tranquil getaway and Andaman seemed like the perfect choice! Read on to find out how they made the most of their holiday with TravelTriangle!

My wife and I had been planning on taking a little break from hectic schedules to enjoy some quality time together. What better way to relax than enjoy the cool ocean breeze with a refreshing drink in your hand? We went for Andaman not only for its scenic beauty but also because there’s a lot your enjoy. Beach activities like snorkeling or sea walking was just the kind of fun we were looking for.

The shimmering blue waters, smooth silky sands, lovely cottages, and exciting water sports had us looking for Andaman tour packages already. Here’s when we came across TravelTriangle. Now that my trip is over and I’m back home, I have to say they really did exceed my expectations. More on that later, but here are a few details of my trip before we get into the story!

Trip Type: Romantic Trip
Cost: INR 54500
No. Of People: 2
Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights
Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Airport Transfer, Ferry Transfer, AC Cab, Water Sports
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Airfare, Personal Expenses

1. A patriotic evening at the Cellular Jail

at kolkata airpot

Look it up anywhere and this is one of the must-have experiences when you’re in Andaman. I can’t describe it in words, but if you’re an Indian you’re going to be moved by the portrayal. It’s a beautiful depiction of the era of struggle that will give you goosebumps. Actors like Om puri have voiced the show which further adds to its beauty.

2. Beach life is the best life!

enjoying the cool breeze at carbine's cove beach

at Carbine's Cove Beach

at Radhanagar Beach

lovely moments at Radhanagar beach

We spent our first day in Andaman at the Carbine’s Cove Beach where we enjoyed the mesmerizing views and the cool water. On our trip we also happened to catch the sunset at Radhanagar Beach which I’ve got to say is an experience of its own. They don’t call it the 7th best beach in the world for nothing. You just can’t skip out on this one when in Andaman.

3. Jump, Dive, Explore!

at Havelock Island

went for snorkelling

at Kalapathar Beach

island is quite peaceful

Of all the things to do in Andaman, the water sports are the most exciting part! Taking a dive into the ocean and exploring the exotic marine life is a serene experience. The Elephanta beach in Havelock Island has some wonderful beach activities. We went for snorkelling and it was a thrilling experience. Both my wife and I had a blast! We also happened to enjoy a jet ski ride which was just as fun.

4. The beauty of Neil Island

had a wonderful time together

exploring the beach

natural bridge made at the beach

neil island

If you are one for marine life, this is the place to be! Colorful fishes, beautiful coral reefs, sea cucumbers, star fish and so much more that you can spot. We got some really great photos here, right next to one of the major attractions on the island which was the natural bridge and rock formation. The island is quite peaceful compared to the other ones and simply a great place to relax and enjoy some time with your special one.

5. Get set to trek!

great place to relax

explored the major attractions of the place

bidding goodbye to the city

While we covered most of what Andaman had to offer, my wife and I also decided to take the trek to Chidiya Tapu. It was quite a walk (3 km) but once you’re at the top, it all seems worth it. A good life lesson, if you will? On our way up, the weather was pleasant and we surrounded by beautiful trees and birds chirping all around. Once we reached the top, we head to the sunset point, which my-oh-my was a beautiful sight and a great way to end our little holiday on this beautiful island nation.

Here is what our customized Andaman itinerary looked like

Day 1: Arrival and visit to the Carbyn’s Cove Beach and Cellular Jail
Day 2: Transfer to Havelock Island and a visit to the Elephanta Beach and Kalapathar Beach
Day 3: Leisure Day at Radhanagar Beach
Day 4: Transfer to Neil Island and a visit to Sitapur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach
Day 5: Trek to Chidiya Tapu
Day 6: Departure

A few travel tips that you can take from us

  • Hire a guide if you want to enjoy a more memorable sightseeing experience and learn more about the island and its history.
  • Don’t take the corals or seashells from the beaches it is forbidden. Instead, you can get them at the nearby shops.
  • Don’t carry plastic bags with you as they are banned.

Our experience with TravelTriangle

Everything was perfect. The communication and response to my queries were prompt and all the booking were managed efficiently. The places, resorts, guides, tours were top notch. It was amazing and exceeded my expectations. Travel Triangle and its agents made our tour the memorable and relaxing, and we couldn’t have asked for more.


Andaman is a beautiful blend of scenic beauty, vibrant markets, and tropical greenery. The island nation has a lot on its platter and we are sure you’re going to love every second that you spend here. If you too want to enjoy a peaceful yet exciting getaway, head over to TravelTriangle and customize your own Andaman package.